About Us

Tripernol® is manufactured in New Zealand by Bio-Mer Limited.

Who is Bio-Mer?

Bio-Mer is a New Zealand owned family business with over 15 years experience producing green lipped mussel extracts. Their involvement starts right at the mussel farm and carrys on until the lid it fastened onto the bottle.

Where is Tripernol® made?

The green lipped mussels in Tripernol® are grown in an organic certified farm in Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island. The mussels are then processed into oil at Bio-Mers extraction facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

What certifications do they hold?

Bio-Mer is registered by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries for the production of nutraceuticals. This stringent registration process is internationally recognized as the HACCP Programme. Bio-Mer is also licenced by the US FDA.


Visit www.biomer.com for more info